Haven’t posted in a while, and i really thought this announcement was done well. I got a huge kick out of the video they showed at the MAX keynote on Monday.

So it is true! In your hands in a public beta to be out this year, as Johnny L said, you can use Flash Professional CS5 and make iPhone apps. I haven’t actually played with it at all, as I don’t own an iPhone (many of my co-workers mock me as a luddite for this) but it looks awfully slick.

More info on the public beta is up at adobe labs.

And while you are at labs, check out the fresh off the presses Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst betas! Good stuff.

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  1. jeff says:

    Just to be clear that people don’t think I live under a rock, I realize that events conspired to make this exciting development a lot less exciting. First we never did a public beta for Flash CS5, so most of you didn’t get your hands on this soon. Second, now that you have your hands on it, you can only really use it for prototyping, although we hope that people still are finding it useful for that at least.