I’ve been meaning to do this for ever, and I’m finally actually starting my blog. My idea is this blog is going to focus on some Flash things that I know a thing or two about, like ActionScript 3.0 and Flash Authoring Components. My idea is that I will be putting out useful information like tips, known bugs with work arounds, code snippets accompish cool stuff, etc.

But I should introduce myself, first. I’m Jeff Kamerer, and I’ve been on the Flash Authoring team since October 2002. I’ve worked on many features, including the FLVPlayback component (both AS2 and AS3 versions), support work for the AS3 UI components, ActionScript 3.0 support and Flex integration.

Over time I have continually found myself answering questions on mail threads, either internally at Adobe or on beta lists or whatever, and thought, “Wow, I bet a lot of people out there in the world would find this stuff useful! I should write an article.” Well, I have written some articles, but generally I find that pretty time consuming, so I realized if I am ever to get this information out into the world, a blog would be the best way.

So here it is, my blog! How exciting.

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  1. Yadav says:

    I have been attending The HTML 5 Game Summits up in the Bay Area and at least for the next few years, Flash is going to be a main stay for Desktop Web Games. The HTML CSS JavaScript opiton is really 2-4 years behind flash 10 player. But an very important point. People by far, do not play flash games on there mobile phones or pads. Its a Horrid experience (I have tried). Apple and Android have them trained to always buy or try games that are native. That means AIR or publishing Flash to the native format (Just like Unity).But I do really wonder about commercial sites and flash. Many of the larger sites have been making 2 versions of there sites for the last 2 years (Iphone/Mobile Phone) and one for home PC users. So Is this really going to change the current trend? Your company makes fantastic user experiences for both Flash and non flash sites and as you know Mobile Sites do NOT look like Desktop sites. So Is things really going to change that fast? I have android phone and Flash sites look just bad on them. I really want them to look good but there not designed for the small screen, so they just look bad.So Is it going to kill the market all at once? Do not know. But Games will stick around till someone makes a great easy to develop tool to make kick ass games in the 3 to 9 months time frame that flash can. I do not see that happening tomorrow as the browsers are fighting over what forms of CSS / HTML / JavaScript to use.Heck were going back to 2001 but no flash or shockwave this time. What a &*(^(& world.PS> I am busy studying up on Unity JQuery and CSS. With a friend like Adobe, it never hurts to buddy up with all the other people in the room.